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I have now almost completely retired from medicolegal practice and this website is no longer up to date. I would like to leave the website as a guide for other expert psychiatric witnesses, and perhaps other medical expert witnesses, who may find some of the content useful. Readers of my book, "Expert Psychiatric Evidence" are directed to it for certain information which is not in the book.

Although I am now able to accept instructions only occasionally in medicolegal cases, I am in a position to assist solicitors, barristers and the courts in identifying potential expert psychiatric witnesses including experienced forensic psychiatry specialist registrars who are able to prepare reports under the supervision of established consultant trainers and who have to achieve competence in report writing before being appoointed as consultants.

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To provide straightforward, objective and properly and fully researched psychiatric opinions to assist in the resolution of disputes and the administration of justice;
To provide medical testimony of high quality and reliability in inquiries, tribunals and courts complemented by an appropriate professional demeanour;
To share relevant knowledge, experience and skills with other experts so as to promote and uphold the professional and ethical standards of the expert witness.

Prof Keith Rix

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“Expert medical witnesses are a crucial resource. Without them we [the judges] could not do our job.”
Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss

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Disclaimer - I am sorry but I cannot answer unsolicited questions from patients or relatives sent to me by e-mail or through the website. Clinical advice should be sought from a registered medical practitioner. I will not respond to unsolicited e-mails requesting clinical advice.

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