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Connor Mann (or Con to his friends) has been injured in an accident at the Tacky Warehouse where he is employed as a warehouseman. He brings a personal injury action against his employers. The play starts with the ‘experts’ meeting’ and it ends with judgement in the High Court. Here is your chance to play your part in the administration of civil justice.

You can be:

Mrs Justice Gin - as she stumbles into the 21st century
Dr Dove - is she really wet behind the ears?
Dr Hawke - has he passed his ‘sell-by’ date?
Connor Mann - will he live up to his nickname?

And many more players in this courtroom lottery.

The workshop is intended for general psychiatrists with little or no experience of civil litigation. There is a role for up to thirty people. The play is fully scripted. If you can’t get a speaking part you can sit in the public gallery and titter, or sleep, or even do the more objectionable things we’ve come to expect of the public. Participants will receive summaries of leading judgements on expert evidence.

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