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Here’s your chance to be judge and jury (but not executioner!). Or you can be Ludovic Dementia, killed in the first scene by his fellow patient, the mad (or bad?) Danny ‘Psycho’ McNaughten.

In this play, which starts with a homicide in a psychiatric hospital and ends in the Crown Court, all participants have the chance to play a part.

Mr Justice Alzheimer - are his fibrils as tangled as his name suggests?
Flo Nightingale - will she crack under cross-examination?
Dr Sigmund Freud - how not to give evidence!
W.P.C. Cagney - bringing gender equality to a rural constabulary.
Daniel McNaughten - will he comply with his own rules?

...and many more of the great and the good encountered by Daniel McNaughten in his progress through the criminal justice system.

The workshop is intended for general psychiatrists unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. Although there is a role for everyone and some participants can play more than one role, the play is fully scripted. Between each scene there is opportunity to discuss what can be learnt from the previous scene. The workshop is for 15 - 25 participants. Participants will receive papers on “The Criminal Justice System in England and Wales” and “The Law of Evidence” and a reading list.

Come along, dress up in uniforms and outrageous costumes and ‘act out’ – like policemen, judges and barristers do every day.

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