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Reviews of Expert Psychiatric Evidence

'An excellent guide for those coming into psychiatric medico-legal work but also a first class refresher for the expert ... a well-written, well-rounded and well-produced book.' BMA Medical Book Awards 2012 – “Highly commended”

‘In short, this book ought to increase the confidence of the court in the reliability of the expert evidence which it is hearing.’ Baroness Hale of Richmond in the Foreword

‘I wish I had a book like this to help me during my initial stages of forensic training. I am sure most of the forensic trainees would treasure a book like this. I would certainly recommend that this book be read by anyone who wishes to do some court work … It answers most of the questions that I have had during my training so far and for which I have looked far and wide for answers.’ Dr. Sajid Muzaffar, (then) Specialty Registrar in Forensic Psychiatry

‘This really is a tour de force … Real practical advice in all chapters against a background of legal and medical analysis, which is just what young practitioners need.’ His Honour Judge Simon Lawler QC

‘This is an excellent read and of value both to those starting out and those already with some experience as an expert.’ Dr. Mike Ventress, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

‘An admirable manual for psychiatrists, indeed for all medical practitioners who choose, or (as often happens) are obliged to do forensic work and for the lawyers who enlist them … in short I consider this a masterwork.” James Badenoch QC, 1 Crown Office Row

‘This book will appeal to experienced and inexperienced expert psychiatric witnesses and I recommend it unreservedly.’ Dr Mike Isaac in the Journal of Legal and Forensic Medicine

‘Expert Psychiatric Evidence should be read by every mental health practitioner who is required to or chooses to offer an opinion on people involved in legal proceedings.’ Richard Latham in The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology

‘The greatest recommendation is that the book had a tendency to disappear repeatedly from my desk in the brief time that I have had a review copy, as many colleagues have borrowed it for a few hours to look up particular points of interest.’ Dr. Cosmo Hallstrom in The Psychiatrist

‘I wish I had access to (this book) a few years ago, when inadvertently, unwillingly, with legal ignorance and naivety, I became an expert witness in a case …. It is extremely detailed but readable, at times even amusing …. This book will help psychiatrists, perhaps also lawyers, avoid major mistakes.’ Dr. Jane Garner in The Advocate

‘Overall, this is an excellent book, and it would be a foolish trainee or new consultant in psychiatry who did not possess, read and inwardly digest it. The book deserves a place in the personal library of any expert witness, however experienced he or she is ….. Rix’s book provides a solid foundation for expert witness practice, and I wholeheartedly recommend it’ Dr. Michael Isaac in the Academy of Experts The Expert and Dispute Resolver

‘Psychiatric experts learn from their teachers, their mentors and specific courses they may attend. Up until now the totality of what they need to know has not been summarised in any one place. It is now ….. This is undoubtedly an extremely useful textbook’ Dr. Fiona Mason in Medicine, Science and the Law

‘The author of this book brilliantly enmeshes psychiatry and the law – this is, after all, what expert witnesses in this field need to do to be most helpful to the court.’ Professor Penny Cooper in the Expert Witness Institute Newsletter

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“The criminal justice system must have confidence in the expertise and qualities of those members of the medical profession who give expert evidence in court.” (Ouseley J in Kumar v General Medical Council [2012] EWHC 2688 (Admin).

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