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Commitments List

My commitments list is updated almost daily.
If you want access to this you need a username and password which can be obtained by phoning my PA on 01274 878604.

If you want me to be available for a trial or hearing, please consider issuing a subpoena or witness summons. If you do not do so, someone else will and in my experience the courts take into consideration the date of issue and the level of the court in determining precedence.

When I am on holiday, I am on holiday and, although citizens have a right to justice, I have a right to a private and family life.

My Wednesday morning ward round is a fixed commitment for which I am contractually obliged to be present. Therefore on Wednesdays my availability for court is limited to the afternoon and to courts within easy travelling distance of Bradford. In long cases I will return to Yorkshire on the Tuesday evening and not be available until the Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning depending on the location of the hearing.

GMC - I sit as a Chairman of the Fitness to Practise Panel of the General Medical Council. When I am sitting, there can be no interruptions, even for a half day when I am in London or Manchester. Therefore I hope and expect that cases will not be listed when I am sitting.

Mental Health Review Tribunals and Managers’ Hearings – If listed, these relate to my own patients. I am contractually obliged to attend these. If it is intended to list a case that is intended to take precedence, I respectfully request that an officer of the court asks the Tribunal office or Hospital to re-list the Tribunal or Hearing respectively.

"A holiday is for recreation, being deprived of which is not going to make people better judges. As an American Supreme Court Justice once said: 'I can do a year's work in 10 or 11 months - but not in 12!'" (HHJ Robert Taylor in a letter to The Times)

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