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We can provide the average and range for various categories of report (email: ).

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Terms and Conditions:

My 'Terms and Conditions' are partly based on:

Upon receipt of an enquiry or instructions, we send out a letter of engagement, specific to the particular case, along with my ‘Terms and Conditions’.


“It is a complaint made by coroners, magistrates and judges, that medical gentlemen are often reluctant in the performance of the offices, required from them as citizens qualified by professional knowledge, to aid the execution of public justice. These offices, it must be confessed, are generally painful, always inconvenient, and occasionally an interruption to business of a nature not to be easily appreciated or compensated.” (Percival T. Medical Ethics or a Code of Institutes and Precepts adapted to the Professional Conduct of Physicians and Surgeons, Manchester, S. Russell, 1803.)

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