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What to Expect at the Consultation

  • I will see you personally
  • I will try to see you on time but occasionally this is not possible if, for example, another consultation
    takes longer than expected
  • If there is to be a delay, we will keep you informed
  • Only if you agree, occasionally a junior doctor, trainee psychiatrist or trainee psychologist may be present to observe the consultation as part of their training
  • Otherwise I expect to see you on your own, unless it is appropriate for someone such as a chaperone or interpreter to be present
  • The consultation will probably take between one hour and two hours.
  • You will be asked to provide written consent for the preparation of the report
    Click here if you want to see the form you will be asked to sign - Consent form >>
  • The consultation is likely to start with questions about your background and life story, so that I can understand you as a person; questions about your medical history; and then questions about the matter that is to be the focus of the report, for example, an accident and its effects; a criminal offence or alleged offence; or an allegation of medical negligence and its effects.
  • There will probably not be a physical examination but if there is a chaperone will be available.
  • I may ask you to complete some ‘pencil and paper’ tests.
  • If we run out of time, the person after you may agree to wait, or we may have meet again or finish by telephone.

“Before a court can assess the value of an opinion it must know the facts upon which it is based. If the expert has been misinformed about the facts or has taken irrelevant facts into consideration or has omitted to consider relevant ones, the opinion is likely to be valueless.”

Lawton LJ in R v Turner [1975] QB 834

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