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Special Needs or Requirements

  • Please let us know if you have any special needs or requirements

  • My consulting room at The Grange and at King’s Lynn is up one flight of stairs. If you need to be seen in a ground floor room, we need notice in order to book a suitable room.

  • Entrance to The Grange is up two steps but we have a ramp available if wheelchair access is needed

  • At 10 Harley Street I do not have my own room and the rooms are on several floors but there is a lift.

  • At 10 Harley Street and at King’s Lynn there are several steps to the entrance, so let us know if these will present a difficulty.

  • I cannot consult with you in any language other than English. If this is going to be a problem, it is almost always best for us to arrange the attendance of a professional interpreter (at no cost to you) rather than a member of your family. If so we need to know what language you speak.

  • You may have other needs or requirements that we have not encountered previously. Let us know in advance what they are and we will try to meet these needs or satisfy those requirements.

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